Epoxy Resin Projects

Epoxy resin projects are a lot of work, but they really allow for creativity and bring out the natural beauty in stone and wood.

Drink coasters were one of my first projects. These have stones embedded in them of various sizes for a great piece of rustic decor accent.

The epoxy resin give the stones the appearance of being in water or picked right out of the water. This has been great for making small stone cairns. Charms can be tied on with black cord to create unique motivational knick knacks for a desk or any other area.

Resin beads with small Lake Superior pebbles are nice accents to stretch bracelets made with other semi-precious beads like agate or tigers-eye.

I’ve also had some fun making magnets with small pebbles

The most challenging and rewarding resin projects have been a river table and cribbage board. These are custom projects that were a lot of fun to make. The cribbage boards had a wood base with storage for the playing cards and pegs. The resin board had each hold hand drilled. Magnets are used to secure the board the base.

The river table is made from alder wood, which takes on a nice tone when the resin is applied. Stone and driftwood accents are present in the resin river.